We Manage Your Curriculum Vitae For You

Your resume or CV is one of the main tools that help you in searching a job. Ordinarily, sending a paper that contains all the valuable snippetsof info about the applicant is a necessary condition for an opportunity to participate in the selection process. In addition, the curriculumvitae, along with a cover letter"), will often be your first contact established with the firm of your selection, as well as their first chanceto collect some data about you.

A curriculum vitae is a document that demonstrates your personal info, such as the academic background, courses and trainings you have done and, finally, your work experience. It is not only the information you gather that matter but also how you present it; moreover, it’s the appearance of the data that says its last word in the selection process. Thus, a poorly presented curriculum vitae will diminish your chances of being summoned up in the next phase of this process. That is why it is very important to know how to prepare it and, if needed, hire resume services online.

That is absolutely what our resume service is devoted to – we supply you with CV’s that truly draw the attention of your prospective bosses. Most certainly, the people who will be reviewing your resume are sheer pros dedicated to the recruitment of personnel. They sure expect that the curriculum vitae of yours is a clear and concise expression of the personal data. In this article, we show you what to do to achieve the most favorable effect on your future managers.

Constituents of a good CV: tone and presentation

Remember... The first objective you are looking for when preparing your curriculum vitae is to win your chance for an interview. Here is what our professional resume service recommends you do:

Stick to the chief function of the paper - introduce yourself to the reviewing committee.

Take into account that during the first interview the biggest emphasis will be placed on the most important aspects of your personality, as well as your academic and work experience.

After the interview, be ready to remind your manager (or consultant) of the strongest point of your CV in a concise form.

Speaking of the strengths of your biography, do not forget that your curriculum vitae should highlight only those in perfect match with the function that you must carry out in the firm. On the other hand, you should avoid lying. This means you may have to find a way to modify your resume depending on what job you are currently most interested in. At our professional resume writing service, the specialists will help you elaborate your presentation according to your needs.

Here are the key aspects the elaboration is based on:

We look at things from the side of the reader. Unless we are truly impressed, the image we create runs the risk to not stand out from the crowd.

A good resume should not consist of more than one or two pages. Useless and redundant phrases are to be avoided.

We fill each sentence with an idea. Least of all your future company is interested in reading empty fiction.

Adhering to the standards of professional resume writing we pick only suitable fonts, formatting styles and file formats.

Instead of using a spelling checker a thousand times, our resume services include reviewing of the paper by a dedicated expert.

Constituents of a good CV: what information should be present

OK, now you are sure that you comprehend the requirements of the post and what language to choose to shed the most favorable light on your personality. Before we proceed to listing your data, it would not be odd to remind you that a good curriculum vitae must be well structured. Each piece of information must fall into the appropriate section, which corresponds to it and can be easily located. Usually, the sections of a curriculum vitae appear in the following order:

1. Personal information:

1.1. Name and surname

1.2. Birthdate

1.3. Address: Street, number, floor, city, zip code

1.4. Telephone number

1.5. Email address. Our best resume service advises you to be careful with your email address. The_king_of_rock’n’[email protected] may be fine for your friends but it is definitely not the best e-mail to use for a job application.

2. Academic training:

2.1. Your current degree, the name of the educational institution, where it is located, the exact dates for the beginning and the end of your education. Most frequently, different places of study appear in chronological order, starting with the most recent and ending with the least recent ones.

2.2. Extra academic training. Complementary studies or courses that improve your training and your skills. You need to indicate the center, the place and the date where and when they were taken. It is not advisable to overload the curriculum vitae with short and very recent courses. Make the reviewers aware only of those pieces of training that are remarkably relevant.

2.3. Vocational training. Again, to make your professional history look considerable, you can arrange it in chronological order. You can mention your previous employers from the first establishment to the last, or in a reverse chronological order, from the last to the first. In the end, it depends exclusively on what experience you deem the most interesting to be highlighted. Do not forget to add: the name of a company, start date and end date, sector to which the company is dedicated, the title of the position and functions you performed. It will be especially effective if you choose our professional resume services to do the job. Our experts sure know how to create a separate line to highlight experience that you have and relate it directly to the corresponding sector of the firm which you choose to work for!

3. Languages and personal skills:

1.1. Languages ​​that you know and the level of your command of them. Please, specify clearly what languages you can speak and write, and also whether or not you are ready to take an interview in one (all) of those languages.

1.2. Computer skills. Point out those computer skills you have: operating systems you are capable of working with, word processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphic design software, internet browsers, etc.

1.3. Other areas of interest. This section is optional. In it, you can mention other well-developed skills and acquirements of yours, which are difficult to fit in the previous sections, such as: your driving license, the vehicle owned, geographical and labor mobility, etc. If in doubts, hire our best resume services to help you create the presentation of a unique and highly capable person.

When finishing your CV, do not forget to date the paper – in this way you also create the impression of an accurate and neat applicant. Do not hesitate to involve our professional resume writing services for helping you advance in your current career situation. Our expert writers and researchers will assist you in both composing and proofreading your CV, thus making sure it hits the aim 100% effectively!